Kamen Joshi Member Erina Kamiya Reveals Her Idol Salary

Erina Kamiya is a member of Kamen Joshi – specifically the Steam Girls pop-rock sister group.

Earlier this month, Kamiya received attention for jokingly claiming that her monthly salary as an idol is 20 million yen ($178,000). Despite saying that the number was “fiction,” some people took it at face value.

Kamiya decided to release a follow-up, this time assuring fans, “Non-fiction, I’ll tell you my real salary.” The video begins with Kamiya teasing fans by showing various slips of papers. She eventually shows a copy of her payslip, revealing that her monthly net income is 477,426 yen ($4,200).

Kamiya later revealed that the purpose of sharing her real salary was to “reassure parents of girls who want to become idols.” Kamiya explained that when she moved to Tokyo, she had to live off her savings because she was earning less than 10,000 yen ($89) a month.

The purpose of the video was to let parents know that allowing their daughters to follow their idol dreams is a viable career path if they are willing to put in the effort and never give up.

The Kamen Joshi has been active since 2013, and achieved underground fame for their distinctive masks and blend of electropop-metal.

In 2015, they became the first indie group to top the Oricon Weekly Singles chart in January with “Genkidane.”

Since their inception, Kamen Joshi has been made up of three distinct sister groups: Alice Juban, Steam Girls, and Armor Girls.

They quickly rose to fame, and are now official tourism ambassadors of Akihabara. Kamen Joshi hosts daily performances at their exclusive P.A.R.M.S. theater.

Source:  IT Media


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