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The Anime Awards

The Anime Awards – Official Full Show! Missed the Anime Awards live stream? Here’s the full Anime Awards stream! More

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Tokyo Game Show

Tokyo Game Show Attending Tokyo Game Show (TGS), checking out some games, touring the floor, meeting the booth babes and going through some awesome free loot! More

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Tokyo Trip

Tokyo Trip At Sweets Paradise Ueno, Okachimachi and eating an ungodly amount of cake! More

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How Cool Japan can become more hip and successful

How Cool Japan can become more hip and successful “Cool Japan” isn’t really doing so well, especially compared to Korea’s “Hallyu Wave.” But not all is lost, as Japan still has a strong pop culture scene, particularly in video games and anime. They also have some popular Jpop, Jrock, and Jmetal groups, such as Perfume, […] More

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What’s the best thing from Japan

What’s the best thing from Japan? Japanese Anime, Manga, Games and everything Cool Japan. Japanese anime manga games and music are so popular abroad that people call the subculture “Cool Japan”. What part of Japanese culture is loved by Japanese people? More

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