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Top 10 Surprising Celebrity Anime Fans

Top 10 Surprising Celebrity Anime Fans Ads: Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces have been part of Old World European folk medicine for centuries, bringing teething babies relief without the use of drugs or harsh ointments. It’s the perfect alternative to traditional western medicine for babies and toddlers who are going through the teething process. You will […] More

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Joane Amber

  Despite what most people think, Amber isn’t an actual gemstone and although some consider it to be a healing crystal, it’s not a stone either. Amber is actually fossilized resin. However, because it has many similar characteristics to gemstones, it’s typically referenced as such. The resin that comprises amber came from now-extinct pine trees […] More

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Manga Recommendations

Hey all you anime fans! It’s the first episode! I am doing manga and anime recommendations in a store called, Lost World Of Wonders. I will post the link below, so that you could check out this awesome store! Thank you to DemonFace Yoshi for doing the video and the editing and also the music, […] More

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