Top 5 Horror Animes

Are you someone who is looking for something that would make you jump out of your skin? Are you someone who is looking to torture yourself with weeks of sleeplessness? Are you someone who wants to make their nights a bit more …unsettling? Well, then here are 5 horror animes that would make you too scared to even let your legs out of your bedsheets!

#1 Jigoku Shoujo: Hell Girl

Were you wronged by someone? Do you want to exact revenge on someone? Do you want to send someone directly to hell? Well, all you have to do is to find a secret website that you can only access at midnight and type the name of the person who you want to send to hell. The beautiful Enma Ai and her team will make sure that the one you wish will be taken to hell.

And the price?
Well, she will also take YOU to hell once you die.

It is an episodic anime which makes you ponder upon the morality of an individual and the consequences of our wishes and desire. But, along with that, this anime is steeped with tension, suspense and horror.

#2 Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

A group of friends perform a ritual to seal their friendship forever. However, instead of revelling on their bond, they are instead transported to an alternate version of their school which has them trapped in the building. Soon, they get separated and the body count starts to rise.
No place is safe. Everywhere they go, the ghosts of the dead are ready to tear them from limb to limb.

The story is genuinely scary and has a feel of claustrophobia in it. And if you are someone who likes the trapped house themed horror stories, then you will love this one

#3 Yami Shibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

A brilliant and beautiful episodic anime which tells us many different horror stories based on Japanese Folklore and their Urban legends.
In every episode, a man with a mask on his face comes to the children's park at 5pm and tells them horror stories.

The stories are intriguing and thoughtful in nature and the ending of those stories are always covered in ambiguity and suspense. Watch this if you wish to learn some stories to scare YOUR children.

#4 Ghost Hunt

A group of paranormal investigators comprising of exorcists of different faiths come together to deal with supernatural activities that plague their clients.
The anime has several arcs that span multiple episodes. The stories are brilliant and deep.
That being said, the horror elements in this anime can be slow to reveal and be subtle at first, but their climaxes definitely make it worth the while. Highly recommended if you enjoy some good stories.

#5 Another

Another first class horror anime that is not so much filled with ghosts and demons, but psychological terror and tension.
A young student named Kōichi Sakakibara tranfers to class 3-3 of Yomiyama North Middle School and finds out that everyone ignores a girl with an eyepatch and treat her as if she doesn't exist.

Why do they do that? Why do other students not tell him anything about it?
Why are students dying one by one?

As said, the supernatural elements are minimal but the story is gripping and would keep you on edge for the entire time. The artstyle is gorgeous as well, so if you don't mind an anime with a slow start, then go ahead and watch it!

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