Top 5 Weird Animes You Need To Watch

The world of anime is vast and is only limited by the imagination of their creators. And considering Japan, where innovation and bizarre can sometimes go hand-in-hand, things can take a truly weird turn, for the better or for worse. 

Given below are the 5 weird and bizarre animes which would either make you laugh or just go “….what?….”

#1 Daily Lives of High School Boys

This anime revolves around 3 best friends who are in high school and their day to day life. That's it. There is not much of a plot to it other than these guys discussing about their lives and interacting with other people.

But what IS interesting is the way this anime tells the story. The depictions and the exaggerations of the scenarios can sometimes be so whacky and crazy, it will leave you wanting for more. It is one of those animes which are weird in a good way.

#2 Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni

This anime is definitely not for the faint of heart. The story revolves around multiple characters in the quaint village of Hinamizawa. The plot of this anime is quite unique, in a way that the plot keeps 'resetting' after every episode, bringing everything back to square one.

What's bizarre about this anime is the way people lose their heads and then go on a murderous spree in a manner so squeamish, it would make Hannibal a vegetarian. Do not be fooled, despite having a very 'slice-of-life-aesthetics', this anime is a horror.
It is practically impossible to watch this anime without getting extremely uncomfortable.


One of the most famous Animes of all time that took forever to get a dub. With Samurais in the future, aliens, assassins, corrupt government and dark pasts, this anime has alot to offer.

But the thing that separates it from the other animes is its self-awareness. It keeps breaking the 4th wall and constantly self-depreciates itself, making it for a truly fantastic, yet crazy anime to watch.


The tale of a supernatural medicine seller who goes on hunting mononokes. The catch is that he must first find out the truth, the form and the regret of the mononoke in order for him to unleash his sword and capture it.

This anime is a work of art with a truly unique art style. But what is weird, in a good way, are the different stories it tells us. They can be difficult to grasp at first, but is bound to leave a mark on you.

#5 GYO

From the works of the famous Ginjo Ito, this is one anime that would never leave you the same.

The world is attacked by the fish, who now have legs. This might sound weird, but it is the LEAST crazy stuff about this whole anime.

A pinnacle of psychological and body horror, you would want to close your eyes and not watch this monstrosity while at the same time your morbid curiosity would force you to keep watching.

Indeed, One truly needs to see it in order to believe it.

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